How do I order a cake?

You can follow the steps on the “Wedding Cakes” or “Celebration Cakes” pages. There is also a “CLICK HERE TO BEGIN” link on the home page.
To make it easier, you just have to answer the questions on the form attached to step 1.

What do you need to book my order ?​

Once the details are discussed and you have confirmed that you want to book the order, we will need a deposit of 50% to book you in. 

How much notice do I need to give Fantaizicake?

We are often fully booked for a full month in advance, so it is best to contact us a few months prior your event.

Can I send you a picture of what I am after?​

We can draw inspiration from any design you have sourced, however please note we won’t directly copy any other artist. Every cake is made from scratch, and is unique. rom scratch is unique. 

Can I taste your different flavours before making a decision?

Yes! Fantaizicake has made cake tasting even easier by preparing 4 sample “cakes in jars, which you can take away and enjoy with your partner.
Have a look at our list of flavours mentioned below and choose 1 type of cake and 4 fillings.

– Vanilla bean (signature recipe) 
– Chocolate
– Lemon
– Banana
– Coconut (gluten free) 

– Vanilla
– French salted caramel
– Chocolate
– Coffee
– Lemon
– Banana
– Strawberry
– Mango
– Nutella
– Coconut
– Cookie & Cream
– Vanilla/Raspberry jam

How will your deliver?

You can pick you cake up directly from Fantaizicake, by appointment. Alternatively, we can deliver to the venue for a small extra fee.
For wedding cakes and cakes with more than 2 tiers, we highly recommend the delivery option. This way, the chance of damage in transit in minimised, and if there is any, we will be able to fix it on the spot.

How much will my cake cost?

The price of our cakes vary, depending on the size and the complexity.
Each cake is quoted on an individual basis. 
A quote will be given by email once you have completed step 1.

Can I ask you to make a cake to suit special dietary requirements?

Yes, please feel free to send us your special dietary requirements. 

Do you offer discounts?​

Please understand that it is not about the price of your cake but the value.
You are paying for not only the high quality ingredients, but also for the skill and experience involved in our creations, as well as the quality of service we provide.
What you will receive is a unique creation made from scratch; all of which is extremely time-consuming, so we hope you understand.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

Once the details are discussed and you have confirmed that you would like to place the order, we will need a deposit of 50% to secure the booking. This deposit is ….you guys need to fill this gap and explain why a deposit is required.

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