Here is our range of
wedding favours and custom gifts

Fantaizicake also has options for you to present your guests with a little gift. 

You can choose between these 4 alternatives: 

At Fantaizicake we make our own Salted Caramel following the traditional French recipe, using a special sea salt from Britanny in France: “Sel De Guérande”.
Natural, rich and tasty, our caramel has the perfect balance between sweet and salty.
(More details on our caramel website

Option 1:
You can get our French Salted Caramel in 200ml jars, a wholesale price may apply, depending on the quantity ordered.

Option 2:
One of our top sellers are our cute little jars of French Salted Caramel, which are available to purchase in bulk. They work perfectly as wedding favours, thank you gifts, bonbonniere or even corporate gifts.
They can be customised with a label to include the date of your wedding, a message, or the logo of your company!

(Our caramel is made of natural ingredients, gluten free, and contains no preservatives, 
artificial colours or flavours.)

Option 3:
We also make custom cookies. You can choose the text, the colour, the shape. (the text, colour, shape of what? I don’t think people will understand what you are talking about here unless you explain further)
Extra options are available, such as edible gold or silver leaves, ornamental decorations on top, packaging…

Option 4:
We can also provide you with some macarons that match your theme and align with your taste. 
We will send you the list of flavours if you choose this option.

For more information, details or a quote, please find and fill in the below questionnaire; we would be delighted to see how we could assist.

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