Sarah (Cake Decorator / Artisan Caramel Maker / Business Owner)

Sarah was born in Nancy, France, in 1987, and came to Australia in 2014 to travel.
After visiting most parts of this continent, she chose to settle down in Perth and enjoy Western Australia’s vibe and lifestyle.

It gave her the opportunity to go back to her true passions, cooking & creating, and so in 2016, Sarah opened her home-based business, Fantaizicake. 

Since then, she has made a lot of cakes to the delight of her customers, and found her niche; 3D cakes.

When Sarah first started baking in Australia, she sought out the best ingredients. 

After trying most of the caramel brands available in Western Australia, she couldn’t find THE ONE to suit her taste, and so Sarah started to make her own caramel, following the traditional French recipe.

As she received more and more amazing feedback about her caramel filling, Sarah made dreams come true by starting to sell it in jars, so that everybody could enjoy it.